A Sneaky Glimpse to Few Bizarre Moments Happened in the History of Casino


Gambling and casinos have been around ever since the 17th century. There is even history that depicts even the kings, queens, and their enemies used to play gambling to try their luck and earn a fortune. Of course, the games and mode of playing were different while playing traditionally whereas at present the rules and regulations and even the mode of playing changed. There are a lot of crazy facts that took place in the history of gambling. This post will enlighten us on some of the craziest and the amazing facts of gambling and casino. Without much further ado, let us dive right into the article.

Las Vegas is not the Mother of all Casinos

The first point is notified that Las Vegas and its casinos are not considered as the mother of all the casinos found on earth. Macau, China has beaten Las Vegas when it comes to revenue and market closure. Even though Casino and gambling are considered illegal in China, Macau has got some exceptions and has a remarkable infrastructure and architecture that attracts many gamblers and tourists to the state. Macau has seen development in casinos over 15 successful years of existence. Another fascinating fact about Macau is that the famous casino and the largest building that comes fifth in the world, Venetian Macao, is considered as an asset of Macau.

Las Vegas

Monaco Residents and Legendary Monte Carlo

Monaco is known as one of the beautiful destinations embraced by many travelers around the world. It is also known as a famous hub to the gambling space. The land has given birth to some of the remarkable casinos and Monte Carlo is the best. You can enjoy the architecture and gambling space of Monte Carlo if you can meet only two of the requirements. They are you must have the budget to spend on this authentic site and the second one; you must not be a Monaco resident. Yes, like mentioned in the headline; the land doesn’t appreciate Monaco nationalities to play at the Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo

The Fact that Sandwich was Born in Casino

The fact that a sandwich is born in the casino is, of course, the most interesting one on the list. The story continues like this; John Montagu who used to attend the gambling space to gamble was hungry and used to order some meat within two pieces of bread. Not to interrupt his games, he used to order it towards his table and used to enjoy gambling; thus sandwich was born.


These are just a glimpse of what the casino history has in hold for you. Why not you start imprinting your signature in the casino history by surprising the industry with some bizarre and outrageous activity?

A Sneaky Glimpse to Few Bizarre Moments Happened in the History of Casino

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